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A bit of history

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Here is an "virtual tour" across our company.

A bit of history

1868: August Wandmacher the founder of the today Awuko is born in a small suburb of Hann. Münden on November, 9th.


The begining

This is how it's began

August Wandmacher, who has meanwhile become a master craftsman, develops the first sanding pad. It is particularly used in the shoe industry.

1900: In January, August Wandmacher, Wilhelm Heepe, Isaak Meyer and Benno Meyer establish an ordinary partnership under the name “A.Wandmacher & Co.”. Later in the same year, the company commences operations in the newly built premises.

1908: Theodor Meyer joins the company.

1911: Death of the company´s co-founder Wilhelm Heepe

1912: The new factory commences operations on the former premises of the brick manufacture Richard Dertz at Hedemündener Straße.

1918: Company founder August Wandmacher dies on the 4th of December 1918.


Some years later

Wilhelm Wandmacher - the new thinker

1922: On October 16th, the ordinary partnership "A. Wandmacher & Co." is converted into a limited company. The new company name is: "AWUKO Schmirgelwerk GmbH, A. Wandmacher & Co.".

1923: Wilhelm Wandmacher becomes the manager of the company´s production site.

1926: Despite the global financial crisis, the company grows to a size of 75 employees and workers.

1935: The company employs 129 employees. In the subsequent year, the company achieves the so far highest export value for shoe sanding media of one month.


Reconstruction period

Make the furture better

1937: On October 14th, the limited partnership „Wandmacher & Co., AWUKO-Schmirgelwerk KG“ is established. Wilhelm Wandmacher and Hans Waldenburg are appointed the personally liable partners.

1943: On March 31st, the factory is shut down by order of the Department of Agriculture in Hanover; operations may, however, be continued until May 1st. Afterwards the premises were to be leased to company Henschel from Kassel, which converted the buildings into the new headquarters of the corporation. The factory in Kassel had meanwhile been severely damaged as a result of the bombing raids.

1945: Reconstruction period. Wilhelm Wandmacher arranges the return of the borrowed machinery from the other firms.

1947: The military government grants approval for the commencement of production.


The big fire tragedy

Fire has sometimnes cleaning effects

1951: Wilhelm Rühling joins the company as personally liable partner.

1954: The production site is struck by a fire tragedy in the early morning of January 16th. Only the outer walls of the 1911 built production site is left standing. The reconstruction of the buildings is completed in the same year enabling the production to be continued. In the meantime, none of the 130 employees is being forced to leave their job.

1966: Constant improvements and quality advancement widens the gap to the competition. The workforce grows to 260 employees.


Hartmut Wandmacher

Hartmut Wandmacher - the new era

1969: Wilhelm Rühling passes away on July 13th. His position is taken by his son Helmut Rühling, who assumes personal liability as a partner of the company. Hartmut Wandmacher is appointed the manager of the production site.

1972: The limited partnership is converted into a GmbH & Co. KG (P.L.C. & Co., ltd. partnership)

1975: Wilhelm Wandmacher resigns from his long-held position as manager of the company on September 30th. His position is taken by his son Hartmut Wandmacher. The name of the limited partnership changes to "Wandmacher GmbH & Co., AWUKO-Schleifmittelwerk KG".

1976: Wilhelm Wandmacher dies on March 12th. Hartmut Wandmacher now joins the company as partner.


Step by step

The maker and game changer

1980: New production potential and increasing staff costs force the company to carry out a reorganisation and economic optimisation. The company now counts 155 employees.

2009: Name change to AWUKO ABRASIVES Wandmacher GmbH & Co. KG

2015: AWUKO employs a workforce of 162 in Hann. Münden. The significant investments which had been made throughout the past 20 years turn out to be the right decision. AWUKO owns two of the latest machines for the production of abrasives and uses state-of-the-art machinery when it comes to the different stages of processing.



Ready for the future

2016: Mrs Nicole Pinne-Wandmacher is appointed to the executive board, a decision made at the general meeting of shareholders. Mr Jan-Wilhelm Wandmacher instead has resigned his post as a managing director. The company currently undergoes an organisational realignment, whereby the Sales Department in particular will be well prepared for future challenges. At the same time investments are continuously done for improving quality control of a base production.